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Campus Board - Building and Finances

We share our building with St. John's Presbyterian Church in a partnership which enriches both congregations and enables us together to serve our neighbourhood more effectively. Meetings of this Board, comprised of the clergy and representatives from both congregations, discuss a wide array of issues related to the church premises and surrounding property. These issues include such things as the administration of property rentals, insurance, and grounds and building maintenance.


Parish Advisory Board

The Advisory Board brings the views of the congregation to the whole Leadership Team as they discuss new ideas, major spending plans, and new approaches to ministry, liturgy and outreach. The meetings are held in a setting which encourages respectful and open dialogue.

Parishioners are encouraged to contact the Advisory Board Chair (the priest-in-charge) or any of the representatives if they have concerns that they wish discussed.


Social and Fundraising Committee

The purpose of this committee is "to help meet the budgeted financial operating expenses of St. Michael the Archangel." The amount of monies raised is set by the Corporation and is voted on and agreed to by the Advisory Board.

Recently, it was decided to combine the responsibilities of Social Convenor and Fundraising Committee Chair into one person, as many of the events planned to raise funds are of a social nature.


The Corporation

he Corporation Committee is comprised of the Priest-in-Charge, the Rector's and People's Wardens, the Deputy Wardens and the Treaurer. Technically, according to Canon Law, only the priest and wardens are the legal entity who, together, make up the Corporation, but the Corporation Committee, which meets monthly, includes the deputy wardens and treasurer, so that we can consult, share information and make decisions that will affect the entire church as a community.