Each person's journey in the Christian faith is different. Some may feel ready for Confirmation in their teen years, while for others it may be as an adult. For some, the pathways of development lead to a desire to reaffirm vows they took in earlier years. Vows of reaffirmation may be an appropriate liturgical expression to respond to such a development.

Confirmation is the Sacrament that celebrates the presence of the Holy Spirit within us. It is a continuation of what has begun at Baptism. A continuation of the developing awareness, and reality of faith and the presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives. Celebrate being transformed. This transformation will continue to take place throughout our lives. We are on a journey to wholeness, peace and perfecting love. 

In Confirmation we are confirmed in the Holy Spirit. In the Holy Spirit we receive God’s love which gives us the power to love as God loves.  

The Rite of Confirmation is just that – confirming your faith in Jesus Christ, lived out as an active member of the Church.
With this in mind, please note the following as you consider whether this Rite is appropriate for you at this time:
Have you reached the age of 15 years?
Have you participated in the life of our church on at least a monthly basis for the past six months? This can include worship, our various study groups, or other parish activities.
Do you feel ready to commit to an active ministry in the life of the church?
Re-Affirmation and Reception into the Anglican Communion
Some find their faith and belief have developed in a way that is more authentically expressed in the community and context of a different denomination. For those who come to the Anglican Church already baptized as a Christian, to honour the original vows as well as a new life in a different faith community, a "Reception into the Anglican Community" may be appropriate - there are new vows, but the Anglican Church recognizes the baptism and confirmation of the other Christian traditions.

If you would like to inquire further about Confirmation, Reaffirmation or Reception into the Anglican Church, please speak to our priest in person , call 416-299-9592 or email at

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