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and COVID-19 Updates

The St. Michael’s Outreach Committee would like to thank all the members of the congregation for their donations and support towards the lunch and care packages for the homeless on June 27th 2021. The committee prepared 100 plus assorted sandwiches. It was well appreciated by Agincourt Community Services Association (ACSA) and the coordinator Sayeeda. ACSA is experiencing more and more people every week since the weather is getting warmer. 

On behalf of the Outreach Committee
Juliette Cummins

THE CHURCH IS OPEN THURSDAYS (10am to noon) to drop off your offerings and/or food donations.

Join us online for our Tuesday Bible Study after our break for summer, when we reconvene on the second Tuesday of September.

We would like to inform you that new envelopes for your offerings were not ordered for 2021. Given that many parishioners did not use all of their envelopes this year, it seemed unnecessary to incur the cost of purchasing new envelopes. We ask that you use up your remaining envelopes for 2020. Your number will remain the same, however, you will need to cross out the existing date and write in the current date when you submit your offering. If you run out of envelopes, you can acquire extra envelopes from the church any Thursday when the wardens are in the office. Please feel free to contact any of the wardens if you have any questions.

A message from the Outreach Committee - December 6, 2020
Dear parishioners,
Due to the pandemic, the Out of the Cold Program has changed this year. St. Mike’s will not be serving either a dinner in January nor a breakfast in March but will be making bagged lunches instead. 
The bagged lunches will consist of:
2 complete sandwiches
2 bottles of water
a juice box or two
a snack
Juliette would appreciate donations of money or food. Items that she is looking for are cases of water, juice boxes, granola bars, loaves of bread and cans of tuna, turkey or chicken (same size as tuna cans). Donations received until roughly the end of December will be used for the Jan. 10 lunches, and later donations for the March lunches. Please drop your food donation or monetary donation off at the church. If you are providing a monetary donation please clearly indicate that it is for Outreach so that it will not be put with the regular offering.

Juliette can be reached at (647) 766-4223 for further information and future dates. Thank you in advance on behalf of the Outreach Committee.
Blessings. Juliette


Hello Everyone,
The wardens’ team would like to touch base with you and provide you with some important updates as we continue to self-isolate during the Covid 19 crisis. We hope that you and your family are staying safe and well.

Bishop Andrew Asbil has announced a Diocesan Jubilee in light of the Covid-19 outbreak. It states:
“As a family, and in response to this time of great crisis, I can announce that the Diocese of Toronto is proclaiming a Jubilee – a time of generosity and forgiveness. For the months of April and May 2020, parishes will not be required to pay their allotment to the Diocese or to pay the costs of clergy remuneration (stipend, housing and associated benefits). It is my hope that this measure will alleviate the financial pressure that many of our parishes are under, freeing them up to carry out their ministry and to prepare for the days when their doors will open again.”

This is good news for us and will certainly help us to continue to meet our obligations without going further into debt. Since we are unsure of the duration of this crisis, we encourage you to continue to regularly bring in your offerings to ensure that we continue to stay afloat. We thank you for taking the time to do so.

In our last correspondence we informed you that we were working on alternative methods for you to give your offerings. One of those methods is up and running and can be accessed through the Donate Now link on our website. You can also access it at . Although this is not our preferred method for you to use, it is available for those who feel comfortable using it to make their one-time only or monthly donations via credit card or PayPal.  

You can also now send your donation by e-transfer to If you choose to use this method, you should send the answer to the security question by text message to 647-696-4212. Please do not send the security question answer to the same destination email address as the e-transfer. Also, in the text message, be sure to clearly identify yourself and the e-transfer that you are referring to so that a match can be made, and don’t choose a security answer that is easy to guess, ie. It should not contain your name, address or phone number.

We are continuing to work on providing Preauthorized Withdrawal as another option; however, given the current situation, responses from the bank are slow as they are operating with a skeletal staff.

This will be our first Easter not worshipping in our church building and, for many of us; it will seem a little strange. While we are separated in body, we will continue to stay connected in spirit through the services available by way of social media provided by Canon Richard. Please continue to keep well by staying at home or, observing social distancing when you are out. We look forward to the time when we can meet together again at St. Michael’s.
Your Wardens' Team

*** AN URGENT MESSAGE FROM OUR WARDENS TO ALL PARISHIONERS. ***  (Click on the blue lettering.)


Friday, March 13, 2020
Dear fellow members of St. Michael’s,
We were instructed this evening (March 13th) by our Metropolitan Bishop, Anne, and our Diocesan Bishop, Andrew, to suspend all public worship starting this Sunday, and until further notice. This would include any meetings or gatherings scheduled to be held at the church for other reasons.
We are entering into new territory. I’m not sure that this has ever happened before in Canadian Church history. But we have a strong and loving community at St. Michael’s and I know we shall find creative ways to journey through this challenge together. Orville Brathwaite and I are already planning to send the Sunday morning services with sermons and Bible Studies you on WhatsApp and by email. All of these videos are available on our website at Also, check in on our new FaceBook page and leave a comment. It can also be accessed through our website.
Should you have any concerns or questions, please don’t hesitate to call me at 416-454-6081. My email is Also, please let me know directly should you have a pastoral need during this period of time. The building may close down, but I shall be available when and as you need me.
God already has the route mapped out for us in the days ahead and Jesus will accompany us every step of the way. We just need to keep our eyes fixed on him.
Blessings in Christ,
The Rev’d Canon Dr. Richard Tanner

PS See below to understand at a glance why we are refraining from gathering in groups and implementing other measures at this time.


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