Screening in Faith

We work closely with the Diocese of Toronto to screen clergy and all volunteers who work within or on behalf of our church, to ensure that St. Michael's remains a safe environment for all of us, especially children and vulnerable adults 

The Responsible Ministry: Screening in Faith initiative was launched in February 2003 to help parishes ensure their places of ministry were safe and healthy, especially for vulnerable children and adults who come to them in trust. It is the means by which the Diocese of Toronto responds to our call to offer our best to those we serve. It is necessary, therefore, that we discern gifts and determine a person’s suitability to a ministry position.

The Diocese of Toronto is abundantly blessed with gifted and committed clergy, employees and volunteers who offer their talents in full recognition of their obligations. In fact, the church could not operate without the work of thousands of individuals throughout the Diocese who exercise a variety of ministries to persons within the church community and beyond.

It is critical, therefore, to ensure that those we place in positions of power and trust be selected, trained and supported so that their ministry may be life-giving. In this way our Christian values are consistent with the legal concept of “duty of care.” Duty of care arises out of legal doctrines dealing with negligence. Everyone has a general obligation to conduct themselves in a manner which does not cause damage to other people or their property. The duty of care is most obvious where a relationship of dependence exists.

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